Thursday, December 16, 2010

I was just thinkin

For about the last three months I've been watching a family members little girl named Jayden. Harley looks forward to seeing her and loves to have another girl to play with. You can imagine how devastated she was the first time Jayden told her she didn't like her any more! I don't remember how may days later or what the circumstance was, but I was bent over picking something up and in a frustrated tone I said, "HARLEEYYY!" she came up to me, put her hands on my face and looking straight at me, asked, " You like me? You like me Mom?" I had to laugh and reassure her, " Yes, I like you Honey!!" Poor girl was a little worried!! It's a hard thing to wrap your two year old head around, this not being liked! (and really, who wouldn't?!!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Here's some of the summer you didn't get to see. I'm so excited to be able to blog again!!! Enjoy!

Unfortunately when I had our computer fixed they weren't able to recover any information from the old hard drive. Meaning every picture I've taken for the last 5 years is stuck on a disk we can't access!! There is a place in Seattle that we may be able to send the drive to recover some data. Cross your fingers!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

And then there were FOUR!!!!

No pictures this time but I just wanted to officially announce.......... HE's HERE!!! Asher Bryant Howell was born at 10:16 am Tuesday, May 4th. He was 4lbs 12oz, and 17 and 3/4 inches long! Tomorrow will mark his one week Birthday! My cutie baby had lost only one ounce before he starting gaining again! He's up to 4lbs 13 oz, the size Harley was when SHE was born!!

This morning I was packing my lunch when I got a call from the NICU.

"No problem with Asher, just wanted to let you know we'll be moving him out of the NICU to Intermediate Care upstairs in about a half an hour."

(HOOORRAAYY!!) I was so excited I grabbed my hot chocolate, threw my stuff in the fridge and headed to the door. It was kinda drizzly, and because I walk from The Tree House(apartment building provided by hospital for families) I keep my umbrella handy. With open umbrella and cell phone in one hand, and purse and hot chocolate in the other I attempt to tell Bryant the good news when SLIP..., "OUCH!!!!!"..., CRASH!!! My cell phone goes flying as I slip on newly wet concrete stairs! Hot chocolate in my lap and with no hands to catch my misfortune, my left forearm takes the fall! I wish I had a camera to show my battle wound because I have a HUGE(okay it's not huge, but it feels like it!) goose-egg/bruise, and my body is super sore, like I tried to follow Jenna on an eight mile run(haha)! Luckily I somehow managed NOT to hurt my incision. (THAT could have been bad...)So today was mostly a great day and Asher's doing amazing! OH...! We got to practice breast feeding for the first time today and he did pretty good. Mostly he'd try for about 30 seconds and then fall asleep but it's a start! Mom came up to visit today and Asher had lots of eye openings and smiles to share. He's already very fond of his Grandma! Tomorrow morning we start trying to feed twice a day so I'm going to get ready to crash for the night. 7 am comes early to tired mom's. I'll keep ya posted!!!! Thanks to may amazing family and friends who've helped in all the big and small ways. Without you I would not have made it two weeks on bed rest and this week away from my family. Thanks and Love to you all, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost there!!!!

Most of you know by now that apparently I suck at carrying babies! On Friday the 16th I went to see my doctor because something funky was going on, and whaddya know? My water had broken. Oh, but not all the way... the "membranes ruptured" they say. For what reason, they don't know. Caused by what you ask? "One of those fluke things that are still being researched" they say.(Sigh....) The Doctors at the hospital I was initially supposed to deliver at had me transferred to Tacoma General Hospital(TG), housing one of the best Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the State. This way if I did deliver the baby early, who would at this point be 8 weeks premature, could have the best care possible. I was given shots to help his lungs develop, put on an IV and pumped with antibiotics to prevent infection(losing fluid means there's a way for bacteria to invade and potentially harm the baby and/or I). Long story short....I didn't go into labor and am still here waiting to reach the 34th week mark. At which point His lungs should be fully developed and baby Asher will be able to thrive out side his Momma with only a little help from the NICU. Some how I've managed not to go completely insane(all the visits from family and friends are to credit) and have 4 days to go!!!! I'm scheduled for Tuesday May 4th at Noon for a repeat C-section and soon I'll have pictures to share of our Little Addition!!!
Another exciting note: The apartment that we'd lived in before we moved to Yakima is finally vacant!! Bryant's repaired all of the damage( there was quite a bit!), painted the whole place floor to ceiling, had carpet cleaners work their magic, ripped out the stand up shower and installed a bathtub(!!!), and is working on flooring and cabinets in the bathroom!!! Needless to say, I won't have to go home to the in-laws with our brand new baby. Bryant's made it possible for us to have our own home again. I'm so blessed to have such a good Husband, and such a devoted daddy for my babies.... I'm so relieved to have my own space again and use my dishes and towels and furniture etc. etc etc.!!! I can't wait! So wish me luck family. I'll keep you posted!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter, gone in a blink!

HAPPY EASTER!!!! Harley had a fun time looking around the house for her basket. She didn't have a clue what we were looking for but was sure happy when we found it!!! I love looking at the Easter pictures in my baby book and I'm excited for Harley to have those same memories. I also made some baskets for Bryant, Emily, Grama and Grampa Howell.

I hunted Emily down and convinced her to join the party here at the Howell's for Easter. We had tons of food, a fun egg hunt and a pretty darn good time! I was kinda bummed that Easter fell on Conference this year but Bryant and I had a little scripture study and I actually got a bunch of Bryant's family together to go to church with Bryant's mom. I straightened her hair, got her all dressed and ready to go and the minute we were loading into the car she decided she "couldn't possibly" make it. They tried to call it off but there's no way I got Harley and I ready, and had other people in the car waiting for no reason! So guess what? THEY WENT darn it!!! I really couldn't tell you if any of them had been in years. But I think standing in the back of a packed Catholic church listening to things none of us understood still gave Easter deeper meaning! We talked on the way home about how the important thing that our different religions had in common, was that we believed we had a savior who died for us. No matter what our Christian tittle, we know that having those same beliefs bring us closer together. It was a really nice 7 minute car ride!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Amen Already!

The last few nights we've started letting Harley take a turn saying prayers before bed. The first time she only repeated a few words. This is something like how last night's went;

Me:Dear Heavenly Father,

Harley: Heben Fodder

Me: Thank you for this day,

Harley:Thanks day!

Me:(smiling) thank you for momma,

Harley: THANks MOMma!

Me:(kinda laughing) thank you for daddy,


Me: Please bless we sleep good,

Harley: Sleep good,

Me:Please bless we have no bad dreams,

Harley: (sigh) silence

Me:(laughing again) in the name of Jesus Christ,

Harley: Chriiiis

Me: Amen.

Harley and Bryant together: Amen!

Another funny thing she's been doing is trying to sound out words. I'll help her enunciate by saying something like, "fa fa fa fork" or "la la la light" she'll copy me and make me feel so smart. Then she walks around the house saying, " lalalalalalala SPOOON." and "sah sah sah sah sah MOM."

I love seeing her little personality blossom. Someone at church yesterday said, " Doesn't she have the sweetest spirit?" I of course replied, yes. Then he said, "I could hear her 'AMEN' over everyone Else's." Harley is that reassurance I need sometimes that I'm doing something right.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get OUT!!!!

Dear Family,
I tell you this story to tell you another.....

Harley had a doctor's appointment Friday and ended up needing some shots. She got a double dose-er in one and a flu shot in the other. She took 'em like a champ and cried for maybe 30 seconds. The bummer was her waking up in the middle of the night with a temperature of 100.4. I'm told that fevers are common for baby's after shots so I didn't worry too much. Unfortunately I'd stayed up until around 11:00pm that night,(I have a baby monitor in my room so I can hear Mom Howell get up at night. When Dad Howell stays up and watches TV all I hear on my monitor is the news, obnoxious commercials and whatever TV show is on! So I have to wait for him to go be for I can.) waiting for Dad Howell to go to bed. When I went to check on Harley before I turned in, she was whimpering and started to cry. I stripped her down to her diaper and got a cold wash cloth that she didn't tolerated at first,but eventually kept telling me, "back, back mama." I'd lay it on her back and she'd whisper, "Tank oo, tank oo mama, tanks mom." I'd finally gotten Harley to sleep and decided to just crash on the couch, next to Mom Howell. About an Hour later(2:30am) Mom decided to go potty. I'd taken her, got her situated in her chair, given meds and sat back down only for her to decide she needed to go again. Needless to say it was beginning to be a LONG night. Luckily, Franny(Bryant's oldest sister, 25 yrs to the day) got up shortly after that to take a shift and I got to crawl into my bed. Poor Harley woke up at 6:00am with another fever and got more Tylenol, another cold wash cloth and half of a Popsicle. We stayed up until around 7:30am and went back to bed(where I was dead to the world) until about 10:00am.

Now to the story I wanted to tell but had to tell the other to get to.(follow that?) Harley's been stuck in the house for two days straight because of her continuous fever and was about to go crazy if we didn't GET OUT!! I got she and I dressed for the first time in two days and we headed to Auntie Em's. I knew I'd just catch her getting back from church and hoped she give us the sanctuary and sanity that we were desperately seeking. Of course we got to pet horses, play with dogs and eat homemade potato soup with bacon(yummmmmy!) So this post is definitely a thanks to my sister for saving the day and stopping Harley and I from having utter and complete meltdowns!! After soup we headed to Scenic Shores just down the way, to swing the swings and slide the slides. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my family that lets me pop in and unload. Thanks to you all for always having room for a few more. Oh and did I mention yet that I love you all? Update you soon, Love Manda Moe!